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and Discover How Your Aura works!  

Everyone has an Aura but most people don't have a clue what it is, how it works and why it's an essential part of your life! 


If you would like to discover more about your Aura by having it painted then get in contact with RichArt today. 

SPECIAL OFFER until 31st December 2022

Aura Painting Experiences are now available to everyone by donation, instead of a fixed price.

Because RichArt is now living with Cancer, he has decided to make the Aura Painting Experience available by donation. And 100% of your donation will go directly to Cancer Research foundations and charities as he wants to support their work with his healing art. 

The Aura Painting Experience is only available in Alton, Hampshire, England. You can message RichArt via email ( to book an appointment or make further enquiries.


Aura Painting  


The Aura Painting experience is a very simple way to become aware of yourself as not only a physical being, but also as an energetic being. 


When you have your Aura painted onto your T-shirt, you can then see your beautiful vibrant colours of your aura shining through. As an energetic being, you can manifest anything into your life, there are no limitations.


RichArt always paints your Aura onto a black t-shirt because he says "Out of the darkness comes the Light". All the colours of rainbow comes from white light. 

During your unique and authentic experience with RichArt, you get to know yourself from a different perspective. You can discover everything that has been blocking you or holding you back from reaching your full potential. You learn how to create your Aura Love Bubble and shine. 


Once you have had this empowering experience, you will know how to protect yourself against negative entities and negative situations by living in your Aura Love Bubble and projecting yourself into your environment so you shine, inspire and uplift people. 


Living in your Aura Love Bubble transforms the quality of your life as people love spending time with you, love getting to know more about you and love working with you. So if this resonates with you, then it's time that you got to know your energetic self and start transforming your Auric Energy field,, so you can rise in-love. 


Currently available in Hampshire, South of England

Send your request to 

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Aura Awareness 


Come join one of our Aura Awareness workshops and discover how to create your own Aura Love Bubble so you can protect and safeguard your energy against negative entities.


In these unique Aura Awareness workshops you learn about your Aura in regard to energy, frequency and vibration. You'll discover how to meditate using the Moses Code (I am that, I am) to raise your love vibration and create your own Aura Love Bubble to protect, heal and empower you. You'll learn how to paint your high vibrational aura onto canvas. Being able to visualise yourself as an energetic being helps you to see the bigger picture of who you really are! This is especially important when you are caught up in the 3D world when dealing with issues which seem very real (e.g. illness, poverty, loneliness, depression, etc) but can resolved when you become aware of who you really are. 


Aura Awareness workshops include:

  • Introduction 

  • Aware of your Auric Field 

  • Guided-mediation 

  • Aura painting teaching 

  • Aura guidance and mentoring 

For more information

Send an email to requesting information about Aura Awareness workshops. 

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With RichArt, you can...

Reset Your Mind for Aurasomeness 

- Being a limitless energetic being of positive energy! 

Heal your

Aura Trauma and live in-love in the present. 

Create your

Aura Love Bubble and live in it

24/7 365.

Visualise & Feel your Aura by having it painted onto you!


aftercare with Aura Awareness 


Aura Shining Ibiza.jpeg

Aura Awareness is the key to your empowerment and your freedom.


Start learning and discovering today! 

“I had my aura painted and it was such amazing experience, Richart is incredible at tuning in and making you feel at ease and relaxed such enjoyable experience and love my our painting super insightful as well as my power animal shone through as well thank you."

- Stacy Harris
ibiza, Spain 

I had a magical Aura painting experience. RichArt is kind, talented and excellent to work with. RichArt really cared about my feelings and he was very flexible with scheduling. At the end of the session I was grounded, at peace and elevated all at the same time. This experience definitely brought me closer to my highest self. Thank you, RichArt for honouring your Calling. I recommend anyway to try Aura painting by RichArt. You will not be disappointed.


"From my online experience with RichArt Llover Aura Awareness painting, my heart speaks. Amazing, absolutely amazing!!

Mayra Alba-Chartier,
based in the USA

“"I had the pleasure of creating a beautiful Auri & Yogi event with Richart. It was amazing to feel and see what this day did to all of our participants, but also I had the opportunity to experience it myself. When Richart started I felt this warm energy flowing, my eyes shaked of all the energy and an enormous smile was there on my face. I can not express. I really would say, have a look at the pictures because they really speak! like walking on air, I felt so peaceful, loved and shining! it is a deep intens experience. So give yourself this wonderful gift and try it out yourself!""

Chris Vleeschouwers
Valencia, Spain

The Aura of Reflection

Own artworks that boost your home or office with positive energy! 

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